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Welcome to KeepMeSafe

“Your own personal security guard- right in your pocket.”

Empowering women everyday by giving them the tools and technology to protect themselves from sexual assault and violence.

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Our Story

How KeepMeSafe came to be

One day in January after school,  Diya Hituvalli came across a news article that talked about how this fourteen-year-old girl from her city had been abducted by three men and was raped twice. This story really hit hard and stayed in her mind for a couple of weeks. She looked back at another news article of the story and found that the girl texted her friends on Snapchat, who found her location on the Snapchat map and called the police. Diya thought that maybe, if there was an app that did this whole process in a shorter amount of time, maybe she could have been saved before this occurred. We started brainstorming and from there, KeepMeSafe was born.

KeepMeSafe is a coalition of youth and women fighting to empower women everywhere by providing them with tools and technologies which can be used to protect themselves in dangerous situations. In addition to developing KeepMeSafe, a women's safety app available on the App Store, we have put together a global network of young activists who are passionate about this cause, who are working towards this goal through community organizing, educational initiatives, women's safety workshops, and social media outreach.

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App Features

Activate KeepMeSafe

KeepMeSafe utilizes voice recognition technology to help the user in times of need. The user can simply press “Activate KeepMeSafe” when they feel unsafe. Our voice recognition software will listen to the user, and if the user says “Help”, it will play a loud alarm sound to scare away the attacker Also, when “KeepMeSafe” is activated, our app will start tracking the user’s location, and if the user says “Help”, we will send a readymade text message to 911 with the user’s location.


We have a section in our app titled “Report” where the user can anonymously report sexual assault to RAINN, the national sexual assault hotline.


We have a section in our app titled “Learn” where the user can learn about the issue of sexual assault. They can read articles and learn about self-defense strategies, how to avoid sexual assault, sexual assault statistics, and how to stand up against rape culture.

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